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Creating a new solution to solve a global bank's financial planning problems.




Data Analytics, Financial Modelling, Database Development, Data Engineering, Process Automation


C#, .NET, Excel, JavaScript, SQL Server, VBA

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A global banking organization were struggling to manage their quarterly financial forecasting and budgeting process using numerous Excel spreadsheets. Multiple users in different locations needed to make regular changes to individual spreadsheets which then needed to be regularly consolidated to create a complete and up-to-date view. Additionally, financial and non-financial data needed to be extracted from company databases and their data warehouse which was then being added to the spreadsheets manually. The combination of these highly manual tasks resulted in a very slow, laborious and error prone process.


We created a new solution which enabled finance teams to their add their financial projection and budgeting information via standardized forms, storing captured data in a new SQL Server Database. Next, we automated the capture of all the required data from the databases and data warehouse, storing it in the new database. Finally, we transformed the master Excel-based forecasting and budgeting template, replacing all manual processing with automation to query, load and consolidate all the required data from the new database.


Our solution gave the finance teams their time back and are now able to concentrate on the important tasks of forecasting and budgeting instead of data-wrangling and manual processing. Our new solution made it possible for finance teams to add information simultaneously and removed all the manual effort involved in exporting and adding data from the company databases and data warehouse. The senior finance team can now instantly build a consolidated view of their financial forecasts and budgets and import this consolidated data into their main finance system.

Have a project you'd like to discuss?