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Building a new solution to help a pensions provider manage and model their financial data.


Pensions, Investments


Data Analytics, Financial Modelling, Database Development, Data Engineering, Process Automation


C#, Excel, SQL Server, SSIS, VBA

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A Pension Investments company's finance team had a long, highly manual and complex processes for building financial forecasts and illustrations. Their processes involved manually extracting data from several source systems and adding this data to Excel workbooks, making manual adjustments, creating calculations, then manually creating a data extract in a format that could be imported into their main finance system. The finance team's processes were highly manual, predominately Excel based, very time consuming, repetitive and prone to error.


We created a new solution to automate and streamline the finance team's processes. Firstly we build a new SQL Server Database and automated the extraction, transformation and loading of all required data from the different source systems using SSIS and C#. We then built a new Financial Modelling master template that contained all of the calculations needed for building financial forecasts and automatically imported all required data directly from the new database. Finally, we automated the creation of an export files for direct import into the main finance system.


Our new solution radically transformed the finance team's processes and saved them a huge amount of time and effort. Before, the team spent the majority of their time extracting, consolidating and manipulating data in Excel. Now, the extraction and transformation of all required data is automated. Required data is automatically imported directly into a standardized Financial Modelling template pre-prepared with all required calculations. Most importantly, the finance team can now purely concentrate on the core tasks of financial analysis and financial modelling.

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