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Developing a new solution to help a global bank manage change control within their mission-critical programs.




Business Intelligence, Software Engineering, Database Development, Data Engineering, Process Automation

Software Engineering, Data Architecture, Database Development, Data Engineering, Business Intelligence

Azure, C#, ASP.NET, JavaScript, Azure SQL, VBA, Power BI, Excel

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A global bank were trying to manage change control processes within their multi-million-dollar programmes using Excel. Without a standardized file or template, every different project team had gone off and created their own Excel spreadsheets as a way of managing change within their projects. This was hugely problematic as high numbers of project team members often all needed access to the same Excel files at the same time. This all resulted in very slow, laborious and error prone processes, making centralized tracking and reporting of change data very challenging indeed and reducing the oversight of programs for senior directors.


We created a new cloud-based Web Application that enabled all project team members across all programs to simultaneously capture project change control information via several standardized user-friendly forms. To capture the information submitted via the new forms, we created a new Azure SQL database. With all change control data now stored centrally, this finally created the possibility for us to develop robust, real-time project reporting via a suite of Power BI Dashboards designed specifically for both management and senior directors.


Our new solution enabled project teams to spend their time on important project related tasks instead of trying to manage data capture processes via multiple spreadsheets. It is now a straightforward task for all project team members to add change detail via standardized forms. Project Managers are now able to monitor progress and identify issues within their projects in real-time via Business Intelligence reporting. Senior Directors have full visibility of their portfolio of projects via a powerful centralised database that drives a suite of executive-level Business Intelligence dashboards.

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