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Building a new solution to help a global bank manage and understand resource planning costs.






C#, ASP.NET, Excel, JavaScript, SQL Server, HTML5, CSS, VBA

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A global banking organization were using Excel files for their resource planning and costings. Different team members often needed access to the same files at the same time. Several highly manual and time-consuming tasks were needed to maintain the accuracy of the files, with data needing to be copied both from and into databases.


We created a new .NET Web Application with a SQL Server Database that allowed team members to capture resource information via standardized forms. The form data was captured in the new SQL Server database where previously highly manual data import/export tasks were replaced with automated ETL jobs. Finally, the Excel reporting was replaced by a suite of new Power BI reports.


Team members are now able to manage the resource planning and budgets for their multi-million-dollar projects using a single centralized tool. They are no longer spending time importing and exporting data manually to ensure that the data is up to date. They are also saving time and effort from producing weekly reports in Excel, replaced by standardized Power BI reports which are available to all in real time.

Have a project you'd like to discuss?