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Creating a new solution to help a global bank manage Technology Risk across their estate.




Business Intelligence, Software Engineering, Database Development, Data Engineering, Process Automation


C#, ASP.NET, Excel, JavaScript, SQL Server, Power BI, VBA

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A global banking organization were struggling to manage the oversight of Technology Risk across their huge estate. The bank has a large number of individual teams spread out across the world who were all submitting their risk data in different formats and structures. These submissions were all sent via email and then were consolidated into reports manually. The whole end-to-end process was slow, tedious, error-prone and time-consuming, resulting in regular late and incorrect submissions to senior executives. The existing process meant that is was only viable to create reports once a week meaning that issues were being reported to senior executives post-incident when it was already far too late.


Firstly, we created a new SQL Server Database to act as a single, central hub for all Risk Data. Next, we automated the daily extraction and transformation of all required Risk Data across the estate and loaded this into the new Risk Database. We then built a new Azure-based .NET Web Application to enable all Risk Managers to manage their risk information and commentary via standardized web forms so this could also be stored in the new Risk Database. Finally, we developed a suite of Power BI Dashboards and Reports designed specifically around the individual needs of Risk Managers and Senior Exectives.


Risk Managers and Senior Executives are now able to track and manage risks across their whole technology estate using a new standardized, centralized and user-friendly web-based tool. All the pre-existing manual data extractions, emails, data consolidation and report creation processes are now completely automated. This has freed up the Risk Management Team enabling them to pro-actively work on important risk-analytics tasks. Weekly reporting is now replaced by a robust daily reporting process where Risk Managers and Senior Executives can quickly and easily identify risk issues and then drill-down to isolate and understand any root causes - all using their new suite of Power BI Dashboards.

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