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Intelligent Strategic Decision-Making.
The possibilities are endless.

Every day, finance teams around the world need to help their organization make intelligent strategic business decisions. Finance teams are a central trusted authority that provide important historical and predictive information to business leaders across the whole organization, enabling intelligent strategic business decisions to be made.

Through employing modern, Microsoft-powered Analytics, Modelling and Business Intelligence solutions, we help finance teams quickly and easily access, manage, analyze, create, and understand the information they need to help business leaders across their organization make intelligent strategic business decisions.

Our Approach

01. Discovery

We spend time with you to get a holistic understanding of what strategic decisions you need to make and what is currently preventing you from making those decisions.

02. Definitions

We define the outputs required that will empower you to make strategic business decisions, examining what outputs are needed, what they need to contain and how they should be delivered.

03. Source Data

We investigate what data sources are required to create the outputs. We discover where the source data is located, and examine how clean, accessible, and reliable it currently is.

04. Architecture

We recommend the most optimal combination of technologies to develop the powerful end-to-end intelligent decision-making solution you need to make decisions.

05. Code & Build

We take everything we’ve learned from the first four stages to define your full solution requirements, enabling us to move on to the build of your new intelligent decision-making solution.

06. Testing

We rigorously stress test your new solution to ensure that it is producing all your required information and that all calculations are performing correctly.

07. Documentation

We document your new solution in two ways. Firstly, User Guides for your team and, secondly, Technical Documentation to ensure you and your team fully understand your solution.

08. Training

We provide hands-on training for your new solution to ensure that you and your team can confidently create, manage, analyze and understand all processes and outputs.

09. Support

We provide you and your team with all the ongoing help and support you need, whether that's answering queries, making changes or further expanding your new solution.