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The possibilities are endless.

At Ten Times Ten, we transform complex processes into robust digital products using the Microsoft Technology stack. Below we have outlined our approach that allows us to consistently deliver high quality solutions.


We start by spending time with you to understand your requirements, looking at not only what you need today, but also where you want to be tomorrow so you can have a future proof solution with scalable technology that can grow with you and your organisation.


During the Solution Architecture phase we begin to specify the right architecture for your solution. Our constant research into the latest technologies and innovations enables us to advise you on the most optimal technologies for your solution.


User-centered design (UCD) is an iterative design process that we employ to focus on your users and their needs in each phase of the design process. By involving your users throughout the design process via a series of workshops, they can can clearly visualise the new solution and highlight any further requirements. This results in highly usable and accessible products designed around your end users.


Using the defined requirements we then conduct a MoSCoW analysis. MoSCoW is a prioritisation technique that helps us to understand and manage your priorities. Our Agile approach means we build your solution incrementally and you and your end users are kept actively involved every step of the way. The first stage is to develop an interactive prototype to allow you and your end users to follow the workflows, fine tune the design and highlight any changes.


The next stage is to use the identified priorities to develop a MVP (Minimum Viable Product). The primary benefit of an MVP is you can quickly gain an understanding about your end users interest in your product before fully developing the product. The sooner you can find out whether your product will appeal to your end users, the less effort and expense you spend on a product that will not succeed.


Using a mixture of QA (Quality Assurance) and Automated-Testing, we make sure your product is robust and performing correctly. Throughout the build, we combine a close end-user relationships with rigorous testing to ensure that you are in control of the delivery of a great new product.

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